The Toy That Saved Christmas is the sixth episode of VeggieTales animated series and the first holiday special in that series. It was released on October 6, 1998 by Everland Entertainment on VHS, November 7, 2000 on VHS by Lyrick Studios, October 29, 2002 by Warner Home Video on DVD and VHS, and July 1, 2003 by Warner Home Video on VHS and DVD.


The Toy That Saved ChristmasEdit

Mr. Nezzer, owner of the Ebenezer Nezzer's Toy Factory, has a new toy this Christmas...Buzz-Saw Louie! Push his nose and it tells you the True Meaning of Christmas...getting presents! One of the Buzz-Saw Louie toys doesn't like that idea, and goes in search of the Real True Meaning of Christmas.

Oh, Santa!Edit

Larry awaits the arrival of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve so that he can give Santa some Christmas cookies. He is first visited by a bank robber (Scallion #1), then a Viking (Pa Grape), and finally an IRS agent (The Peach), whom Larry shares his cookies with (except the IRS agent). When Santa (Bob the Tomato) arrives, however, it's revealed that Larry's guests have stolen parts of his outfit as well.

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