VeggieTales: Madame Blueberry
[[6305268924 01 MZZZZZZZ|250px]]
July 21st, 1998 VHS cover

Row 1 title

Phil Vischer
Animation Direction:
Chris Olsen
David Pitts
Tim Hodge

Mike Nawrocki

Row 2 title

Chris Olsen

Row 3 title

Mike Nawrocki
Original story
Gustave Flaubert

Row 4 title

Phil Vischer
Mike Nawrocki
Lisa Vischer
Megan Moore Burns
Dan Anderson
Mike Sage
Shelby Vischer

Row 5 title

Kurt Heinecke
Phil Vischer
Mike Nawrocki

Row 6 title

John Wahba
Mike Nawrocki (Silly song)

Row 7 title

Big Idea Productions

Row 8 title

Sony Wonder
Word Entertainment
Lyrick Studios
Warner Home Video

Row 9 title

January 6th, 1998 (Everland Entertainment)
July 21, 1998 (Word Entertainment)
October 5th, 1999 (Lyrick Studios)
May 20th, 2003 (Everland Entertainment)
May 18th, 2004 (Warner Home Video)

Running time

30 minutes

Madame Blueberry is the 10th episode in the VeggieTales animated series. The Story of Madame Bovary. On January 6th, 1998 by Everland Entertainment on VHS, on July 21st, 1998 by Word Entertainment on October 5th, 1999 by Lyrick Studios on VHS, on May 20th, 2003 by Everland Entertainment on VHS, and on May 18th, 2004 by Warner Home Video on DVD and VHS for the very first time. Did Subtitle "A Lesson in Thankfulness", it does convey the message that maerial possessions will never truly make us happy, and that instead we usthankful for what we do have.

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